Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back to Life

Wow. I had no idea when I wrote that last e-mail that it would be more than a month before I would be back to the blog-world. I've missed it!

So, some necessary updates. First, the reason why I've been gone so long - I'm pointing the finger solely at student teaching. The lesson plans totally got in the way. At the beginning of my assignment, I tried valiantly to be as prepared as possible, spending at least a day each weekend creating lesson plans for the week, blocking out my classes and trying to determine when I'd be covering each topic in the unit.

But of course, things never go the way you plan! After a half dozen or so lesson plans were written and completely thrown by the wayside, I started writing them later and later...until I was usually writing the lesson plan the night before the lesson was taught. Not an ideal situation, but my CT never even glanced at the work I had done aside from asking if I was prepared or felt ready for the day. I kept with my block plans and altered those instead of my 3-4 page detailed plans.

It has actually worked out this way pretty well - I've found that I'm more flexible, I am able to adjust to what we didn't get done during the previous lesson (which caused some plans to overlap) but overall, it worked.

So picture it: every night, I'm parked on the couch in my apartment, laptop on, papers spread everywhere, pretending to write the lesson plan and correct homework but really...catching up on peoples' blogs. So I would stay up later and get the picture.

Something had to go, and unfortunately, it was my blog world. But only temporarily! I am still shocked I've stayed away this long. Anyone on Facebook can see my much more regular updates there, but it's much easier to read a one-sentence status than it is to read a multi-paragraph blog.

At any rate, student teaching is winding to a close, and you will see me here much more frequently. I'm currently on spring break for the week, and then I only have two weeks - TWO WEEKS! - until student teaching is over.

So here is my promise - I promise to go back and read every single blog post I've missed, and I'll probably comment on most of them. So check your old posts for new comments! I promise to not stay away so long, and hopefully at least update my blog weekly until student teaching is done. I promise, I have missed you more than you have missed me!!

Another quick update is on the job front - I have had a few interviews, and I'm narrowing down where I want to live. I went to New Orleans for an interview, I also had interviews with Horry County, SC (Myrtle Beach) and Palm Beach County, FL (West Palm). And I've applied to Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA. I want to be on the coast in a fairly urban area...I can't deal with anything too rural. So keep your fingers crossed! Everything happens for a reason, and I've found this to be true with jobs more than anything else.

So, welcome back, me! I'm so excited to return, and I can't wait to find out what everyone's been up to!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

DH does his lesson plans the night before, too... which is weird, because he has a team leader that does all of the lesson plans for him... so I don't get why he has to do any at all... but he also does the "we didn't get to this today so we'll do it tomorrow" thing, too.

I guess you're normal! Congrats!

Andi said...

Good luck! And I wouldn't worry about reading every blog post you missed... because no matter how interesting your friends are, they probably aren't all worth reading! ;)

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Vegas Princess said...

SWG!!!!! I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!!! Seriously I was going to come to PA and see what happened to my friend. :)

I knew you were busy, but I guess I did not realize how busy you were. YAY! So happy you are back and things are going well.

I was wondering why suddenly all these comments from Shade's old blog post suddenly popped up in my inbox (I get all the comments sent to my email) and then I realized you were back...and I was wondering when will she comment on my blog? *sniff* I take it you are going alphabetically and I am lower down the list. So I guess you will get to me eventually... Just kidding. :)

So happy you have returned!!

Courtney said...

Nice to see you back! It sounds like things have been going well, albeit busy, for you. Good luck with the next round of job searching!

Steelers Wine Girl said...

Shades - thanks!! I'm glad DH is right there with me writing the night before. Which is what I'm supposed to be doing now. Oops!

Andi - thanks! And I am going to read them, I swear...anything is more interesting than what I've been up to. I can't wait to see Paige's most recent antics!

graciela - thanks! And welcome!!

VP - You can still come to PA and find me!! It's going to be nice here soon...I think...

I have not gotten any further than Shades' blog, so don't feel bad - I found all of these ugly projects I have to finish by Wednesday (including my taxes) but hopefully I'll finish catching up by the end of the week and the weekend. Don't dismay, I will read yours!!

Courtney - Thanks! I have been very busy, but I don't have much time left, thank heavens!