Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Few Things

First, I just have to say how wonderful it's been to go over every detail of Twilight with all of my blog friends!!! Besides the two people I saw the movie with, none of my other friends or family have read the books or seen the movie (yet), so I've been getting my kicks out of this blog. And even though I didn't love the movie, I have LOVED reading everyone else's thoughts about it!

Next, my little cousin, Caitlyn, recently started her own blog: Living Love. I thought I'd do the same thing VP did for me and tell my readers about her and her blog so that she can expand her own blog-world! She writes about being newly graduated, a newlywed, and being newly relocated to Atlanta, GA. It's hard not to see her very much, but it's great to keep track of her through her blog :)

Also, I wanted to warn anyone who doesn't already know - I LOVE Christmas and you can be expecting a post about the holiday and my traditions soon. I actually can't believe I haven't posted anything yet, since I've been listening to Christmas music for over a week now (okay, two weeks).

Work has been crazy busy, and since my laptop is temporarily (I hope) on the fritz, I've only been able to keep track of this blog while I'm at work. So any gaps in communication from me can be directly related to my high attendance at recruitment events (and thus, not being in the office) or - the weekend. LOL.

Finally, I hope everyone has a great Turkey Day!! This meal is my favorite one of the entire year, so know that I will be gorging myself tomorrow!

Oh, and a P.S. - I STILL have not received my student teaching assignment. I did call the ED Dept. but the person I need to talk to has been and still is on vacation. My professor/advisor/head of secondary ed told me that it's not unusual to not know this far into the game. She doesn't understand that I have a black hole in my life beginning at the end of December and I need to know what will be happening during that time. My schedule is hectic up until I leave work and then...nothing. ARGH!!!


AirmanMom said...

swg...Thank you for the intro to Caitlyn...I stopped by to read her blog and leave a comment!
Happy Thanksgiving!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Vegas Princess said...

Will be hitting up Caitlyn's blog after this. :)

I am loving all the Twilight chat too. Even those who don't like the movie have been able to discuss their ideas and feelings and it has been great! No bad words or comments, all good clean discussion, I love it!

Happy Turkey day! Wnat me to light a fire under the Ed Dept.'s ass?

Steelers Wine Girl said...

AM - Great - hope you had a great Turkey Day!

VP - Great, too, and hope you also had a great Turkey Day!

PLEASE light that was tortorous having everyone at dinner ask me what my future life plans are and not being able to give them an answer!!

Caitlyn said...

Thanks for the shout out, Cousin! :-)