Tuesday, November 4, 2008


These are just a few pictures from my fun weekend. My friend had a party on Friday night and we had a blast!
These are two of my friends, dressed as Twister and Bam Bam. How cute is that Twister dress?? She had the spinner on a little hat but didn't really wear it b/c it wasn't comfortable.
My friend Speechy and I were hipsters on Friday night. We created and rehearsed our definition for anyone who didn't know what a hipster was: "They think everything is ironic. They only watch Indie movies and listen to Indie music. And they're taking over our neighborhoods!" We wore clothes that didn't match, tights, glasses, scarves, and had face tattoos. And of course we drank PBR all night (Pabst Blue Ribbon)! My hair is particularly messy in this picture. Hipsters don't bathe for long periods of time - we weren't willing to go that far, but I put tons of hairspray in my hair and tried to make it as messy as possible. At one point it was in a "hipster pouf" but it didn't stay up for very long. My hair is definitely not aerodynamic!

This is my co-worker and her hubby (the same ones who were in the other LBS at the Steelers game). They were dressed as Bill and Sookie from the new HBO show True Blood. Sookie was up all night making her outfit - she even created True Blood bottles and a waitress tray. You can't tell from this picture, but her t-shirt does have a little "Merlotte's" logo on it. How cute is that? I don't have HBO so I haven't seen the show, but I've read all of Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse books. I have issues with the differences between books and movies, but that's for another day!

We were in the basement for a large portion of the party playing flip cup. It was boys against girls and one of the guys was dressed as the cowbell guy from the SNL skit (another guy was the Christopher Walken character, but he wasn't playing with us). We were all obsessed with the cowbell, as you can kind of see from this picture - he would play it and we would clap and chant for everything ("Flip cup, flip cup;" "Bathroom break, bathroom break;" "PBR, PBR"). It was out of control but SO fun!


jellybean said...

looks like ya'll have a great halloween!!! the pics are great! i'm never very creative when it comes to costume making. i'm kind of a party pooper when it comes to halloween.
the twister dress was sweet! i never would have thought of that!

Andi said...

I love the twister outfit... it takes on an entirely different outlook on how to play the game. ;)

Courtney said...

It looks like you guys had a ton of fun! The Twister outfit is super cute... I'm going to have to remember that... maybe I'll do it next year!

Steelers Wine Girl said...

The Twister dress was adorable - this picture doesn't do it justice. When she told me what she was going to be, that's definitely NOT what I pictured!

Vegas Princess said...

How fun! I love the Sookie and Bill costumes! My best friend is sending me all the True Blood episoides on tape since she saved them on her DVR. Maybe I can send them to you when I am done watching them. She wasn't too impressed, said they changed way too much, but I still want to see them.