Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Okay, the most exciting thing (besides still living on the Steelers Super Bowl cloud) in my life right now is that I just got a new laptop. My old one bit the dust yesterday for the last time, and my roomie and I did some quick comparison shopping today. I need to start writing lesson plans, so I didn't want to wait for a delivery.

But this means that I will be able to blog way more often, and I'll be able to see everything everyone else posts! My old laptop was so ghetto that I couldn't even view videos anymore.

There hasn't really been any updates on the school front for several reasons. First, I missed one day of school b/c of my Pappap, and fortunately the other day wound up being a snow day (which means I only have to make up one day at the end). And aside from that, we didn't have school for MLK day, the next day was dedicated to the Inauguration, the next day we had a poet come and talk to the class....and Thursday we had a benchmark test. So it's been a bust.

This week is going to be more of the same: in-services today and tomorrow, Wednesday is the poet again, which leaves only one day of classes - Thursday. Friday is a different schedule.

On Friday, I will be starting a new Newspaper Unit. I'm pretty excited about this b/c I do not have a super strict curriculum to stick to like I will for my regular classes. So I can plan the entire unit from scratch for 9 weeks, which will be a good experience for me. Any ideas you guys have will be welcomed!

The other bonus about my laptop is that I was FINALLY able to upload some pics to show to you guys! So, enjoy:
Here's me, my dad, and my sister at one of our many Steelers tailgates this year...

These are pictures from Christmas Eve, when I was making my cousins pose like the pictures on the walls at the diner where we ate breakfast.

Ben is the grinning kid...with a few extra teeth!

And Amy, obviously, is Betty Boop!

Here are my cousin Luke's adorable twin daughters devouring their green cupcakes on Christmas day and working hard to permanently turn their teeth and tongues green:


Robin said...

is that Pamela's? Awww Amy....makes me miss Key West!

Anonymous said...

What fun you're having!

Steelers Wine Girl said...

Yup, that's Pamela's. Don't mention Key West! Kimmie just got back and I've been missing it all week b/c of her stories!!

Vegas Princess said...

Yay for the new laptop! It should make your work so much easier to complete, not to mention more blog opportunities!

I love the pictures. Especially the green tongues. :)

ztateach said...

Those pics at Pamela's are adorable! We will do that the next time i am there!