Tuesday, October 7, 2008

And a Rant...

First, I can't write a new post without saying how AMAZING the NKOTB concert was!!! I know that I will never hear the end of it, but my sister and I were totally impressed, and the show was well worth the price of tickets and gas from Pgh to Cleveland. If I were more techno-savvy, I would post some of the pics from my phone to this blog, but I don't even know how to get them off of my phone, so sorry kiddos! I also have to add - Jordan looked HOT! I was always a Joey fan, and I still am, but Jordan did "Baby I Believe in You" with a shirt blowing around his naked torso, and all I have to say is YUM-O!

On to my rant. This is completely random, but one of the things I hate most as a driver is when a car pulls out in front of you and then sloooows doooown. I am aware that I have a slightly leaden foot when it comes to the gas pedal, but if you have the audacity to zoom in front of my car and risk being hit, why would you slow down once you're there? This is particularly irritating on two-way streets when you can't utilize a passing lane. I also always seem to have this occur when I'm already running late. I'll make a right onto 35th Street so I can turn onto Smallman and hopefully miss all of the lights on Penn Avenue (and the extra traffic)...only to have a big honkin' Mack truck pull out and feel the need to drive 10 MPH. At least have the courtesy to meet the pathetic 25 MPH speed limit!

So, you can imagine how aggravated I was when this happened, not on the road this morning, but in the hospital. Let me paint a picture for you: our cafeteria is on the second floor, and I was running late for lunch (all of my colleagues had already gotten lunch and were back on my floor in our conference room). The hallway leading from my elevators to the cafeteria narrows so that you can only have two lanes of "traffic," going to and from the caf. I was walking quickly, as usual, and the path in front of me was clear: no elderly visitors with their walkers, no employees complaining about the weather, and no patients dragging their IV poles to the smoking patio. "Yes!" I thought. "Home free! I can dart in and grab my food and catch up with my co-workers."

It was not to be. Midway down the hall, a maintenance man darted out of a hidden office door and jumped in front of me. And then - slowed down. One would think with all the darting and the jumping that he was a quick mover, but apparently not. The other side of the hallway was filled with a line of happy people who already had their lunches, so I couldn't pass him. Unfortunately, he did not have any side view mirrors, so he couldn't tell that I was practically tailgating him. By the time we approached the caf entrance, two old ladies were blocking the doors, reading the menu to one another.

I am aware that in the grand scheme of things, my being late to lunch is not important. I certainly know that Maintenance Guy didn't care, and he probably thought it was okay to stroll along. But I am here to tell you, it's not okay. If I ever pull out in front of anyone or cut them off in a hallway, I will immediately step on the gas or start to jog. I'm sure that all other speed walkers will appreciate my thoughtfulness!


Vegas Princess said...

I hear you! I am so impatient when people walk slowly infront of me. Mostly this happens at crowded events like a carnival or fair and I get pissed off fast. Since I have such a long stride I can walk fast without even trying and I always seem to get stuck behind the slowest people!

jellybean said...

AH HA! i know what you mean! there's loads of traffic here and folks are always doing that! yeah, me and dh were barreling down 183 the other day -our lane wasn't clear, but every one was moving right along. all of a sudden this truck moves in to our lane. while the middle of the bed of his truck was still in line with the front of dh's bumper! now granted our truck was much bigger than his and we would have smashed him! it was either slam on the breaks or have an accident with our 1 year old in the back seat and the new baby still in my tummy! so instead dh lays on the horn, slams on the break and flips the guy off. he just happily manuvers up the exit ramp and shows us his bird -this only leads to a flip the bird war to see who does it better. seriously? is there a point to more than once? granted the guy would have missed his exit had he not cut us off he could have done it with a little more grace. he could have atleast zoomed past. but he just puttered in to our lane.
i swear i have never seen anyone flip the bird so hard! you'd have thought dh was shooting a gun! i actually laughed once i quit worrying about the fact that we were all almost road kill.
i hate cutter offers.

Steelers Wine Girl said...

In Pittsburgh we have huge PAT busses that constantly feel the need to wedge themselves in front of you and take up a lane and a half. Then they get mad if you try to pass them - hello, who wants to be stuck behind a bus that stops every ten feet!

Courtney said...

I'm so glad to hear that the NKOTB show was good. I'm going next month (another one who was obsessed with them in the last 80's) and I'm giddy with excitement even though I don't know ANY of their new stuff.