Friday, October 3, 2008

Poppin' the Cherry...

So, I've lately been a voyeur on a few blogs, and it's inspired me to attempt to create my own. I don't know that I'm going to be as eloquent or interesting as some of the other peoples' who I've read, but it never hurts to try, right?

Tonight my sister and I are driving to Cleveland to see...wait for it...NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!! I'm so excited, I can't wait. My parents refused to take us when we were young, so we're taking matters into our own hands to make up for it.

I know all the arguments against the group. I'm well aware that they're no longer "young." I know that Jon is gay, and if they only began singing today, I sincerely doubt that I would be a fan. But, when I was in 3rd and 4th grades, NKOTB was the epitome of "cool." I had a huge crush on Joey McIntyre, a "just Joey" poster, buttons, and t-shirt, etc. Between my sister and me, we probably had one of every type of merchandise that was on the market. I can still sing all of the songs verbatim, and I remember how excited I was to receive the Step by Step tape for one of my birthdays (BTW, that's the on with the "Happy Birthday" song, and I truly thought Jon Knight was singing it to me for my birthday. Oh, and yes, that's right - I can tell you which member takes the lead on every song).

As a child, I adored this group, and as an adult, I get to relive my childhood for a few hours tonight. I think that's a pretty neat opportunity, and I'm glad that my sister and I are actually going. Mary Beth is just as big of a fan as I was, so this is a truly momentous occasion. When I first saw NKOTB in May on the Today Show, I got flutters of excitement and weak-kneed just as I did when I was little and watched their concerts on TV. Who knew these emotions would last? I've definitely neglected my end of this relationship - I've gone years without listening to a single New Kids song. So it was good to find out that nothing had really changed. I feel like I'm going back to visit my first boyfriend or to see my first crush after years. I only have one regret ~ after all these years, they still don't know I'm alive. Sigh.


can'tthinkofanythingcute said...

I don't understand what I am doing here, but I am dying to know how the NKOTB concert was!!!

I am proud to say I have attended every single Pittsburgh concert there ever was--starting with the cheap concert at the CCBC dome. My friend Jen's sister took my friend Jen and I as we were only in 7th grade and not allowed to go on our own. We were only a few rows back from the stage and it was fantastic. And then we had to walk halfway home because the car broke down on the way home near Beaver Valley Mall--which proved to be interesting because it was WAY before cell phones.

Then the obsession began....

My neighbor and one of my best friends, Julie lived about 4 houses down from me and went to catholic school for our middle school years so we lost contact for a while. Guess what brought us back together in 6th-9th grade? New Kids!!! We saw them twice at Starlake--once my mom took us and it was pouring down--I donned my lime green New Kids tee with matching lime green shorts and my LA gear tennies--and a rather attractive plastic poncho. Then there was the "magic" Summer tour--new kids repelling from cables, doing magic tricks, and drinking coke--aaah those coke commercials. There was a group of about 5 of us who exchanged magazine articles, tv show clips we recorded on VHS--it became quite the challenge to get them all! My walls were covered in photos plucked from Bop, Teen beat, People, and a variety of NKOTB-only magazines. We recorded all TV interviews on audio cassette (and listened to them). Remember the Arsenio Hall episode where they sang Funky, Funky Christmas?!?!? Good news--most are on You Tube! I had stacks of scrapbooks, a membership to the New Kids Fan Club, made a million "prank" calls to Joe McIntyre's house (Julie's fave, mine was Jordan)--I can almost remember the phone number 617-886-8414 or something? One time early on Joey Joe's mommy answered and Julie asked to speak with Joe and she told him he was not home and on tour. That number was disconnected shortly thereafter.
We took turns calling the radio stations to try and win backstage passes and I think eventually Julie won a few tickets and that's how we were able to go and see them at the Civic arena with her cousin.
I had the Jordan doll, a million buttons, big and small, was obsessed with Jordan's "rat tail" and Julie and I spent hours watching New Kids videos so we could memorize the choreography to the Right Stuff, Step by Step, and My Favorite Girl to name a few--and we knew the WHOLE things.We did the step by step routine on the steps on her deck. We also knew ALL the words to ALL the songs--even the new remix raps.

As I think back, we were nuts. Really, really crazy. A few years ago Joey was in town and Julie stood for hours to see him, but I think he had to leave before she got her turn.

If nothing else, this "reunion" has been rather nostalgic and brought back so many pleasant memories from our "youth" when everything was so simple. Now I am older and realize their music is not so good and their dances cheesey--but to be honest, I don't care. I still love it!

By the way--what's this business about Jon being gay?

Vegas Princess said...

Wow, that was a REALLY long comment. ;)

First I am so happy you are blogging! I love it when people I love start up a blog because I love blogging and then we can all just become this great big blogging loving family! (Sorry, I had espresso)

I am bummed because I did not get tickets for NKOTB when they are coming here and I would have loved to have seen them. They were my first concert and a really great show!

Steelers Wine Girl said...

Can't - first, who are you? I'm sure I know you but you didn't sign your real name! Second, I also had the Bop wallpaper, along with a big "Just Joey" poster in my childhood bedroom. My sister and I still have the Disney/HBO (can't remember where was shown) taped, along with a few episodes of the NKOTB cartoon. And I have the "Step by Step" video!

Vegas - you set such a high blog standard I'm sure I'll never meet it, but I love reading yours! This will be a great way for us to keep in touch better, too :)

Andi said...

I cannot believe you went to the NKOTB! ;) Actually, I made fun of their performance on the Today show, on my blog. I was kind of nice. But, if it "fulfilled" all of your childhood dreams... I say go for it.

I look forward to hearing what else you have to say!

Robyn Russo said...

Hi Sarah!

Glad you found my blog, and I am having fun following yours too... be sure to post all Steelers news. This may shock you, but the Steelers do NOT make international news. I know, it pains me too!

And DEFINTELY look in to ESL teaching. I LOVE it. ESL students are way more interesting in my opinion, plus you get to learn all about their culture and language, which keeps things fun.

Hug Pittsburgh for me! VISZLAT!