Friday, December 19, 2008

Airport Musings

Observations from my recent aeropuerto adventures....

Why do they still sell pleated jeans? They're not cute on anyone. Yet, I saw a fatherly gentleman sporting them proudly, with a tucked-in turtleneck almost the same color as the wash of the jeans. The pleats were displayed to their full advantage. It wasn't okay. It still isn't. If stores would just come to a consensus and manufacturers wouldn't make them anymore, it would save so many people from making such an obvious fashion error.

I watched a pair of college-aged lesbians for awhile, as they were sitting right in front of me. One spoke loudly on her cell phone about how some of her friends were hooking up, and needless to say, it caught my attention (and the attention of most surrounding gates). And, when did "college-aged" get so young?

Anyway, these girls were still in the stage where they were trying to shock all of us old fogies at the gate, and made a point of liplocking every time one of them went to the bathroom or had to get some food. It just made me laugh. Also, it was clear that one of them was more masculine than the other...but someone should tell her that to be truly effective, she should stop wearing jeans made for girls.

I think that stores need to be banned from airports. Every time I fly somewhere, I'm compelled to stop at Nine West and buy shoes. This day was no exception - not only did I buy them, but I immediately went to the bathroom and put them on. I love them! But they eventually started to pinch my toes - I think Nine West has changed their sizes. I'm normally a solid 8 1/2, but when I've tried them on lately, they've been too wide so I've opted for the 8...and then they pinch my toes after awhile.

Speaking of shoes, boots. The boot trend has been around for a year or two now, and every other female that I saw at the airport sported pants or jeans tucked into their boots. I'm not anti this trend, but it's not okay that every woman under the sun thinks she can pull it off. So many women seemed to think that they were being fashion forward and so thought they could get away with a clever combo of boots and pants - not so much.

Women should be required to take a test before purchasing boots, especially boots with the fur. Anyone over the age of 35 should be automatically eliminated (maybe younger than that). Even fur trim should be severely restricted. If a woman does not pass the test, she should be required to take lessons on the best type of pants to tuck into boots and locations where this look is appropriate.

(For anyone wondering...I have never, myself, tucked my jeans into my boots. I don't think I can pull it off. I think it looks terrific when it's done correctly, but the plethora of examples available at the Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Indianapolis airports reinforced my thought that only certain people can make it look good.)

I suppose my people-watching and fascination truly translates into criticisms of what everyone else is wearing. LOL. Hey, I was entertained!


Courtney said...

Oh, I love people watching at airports. It's awesome. I saw this guy last time who was wearing a size too small blazer with the middle button buttoned and it made him look like he had boobs. Of course, he was walking in a very feminine way so maybe that's the look that he was going for?

Anonymous said...

Oh, man... so much entertainment in this post! I don't know where to start! The pleated jeans thing was hysterical! Loved the rundown on the lesbians.

The boots- that took the cake.
I adore boots- as long as they're not western, or fuzzy, or have pants tucked into them.

Andi said...

I too love to people watch! Malls are also alot of fun.

I'm against any serious PDA, lesbian or not.

Boots aren't really "in" where I live. Much too hot. I do like to see what people are reading and come up with what that says about them...

Vegas Princess said...

Excellent people watching skills. You'll have to come to Vegas and we can indulge together. The people watching on The Strip is the best around. :)

I have never tucked my jeans into boots either since I do not have matchstick sized calves, which is the only way pants tucked into boots looks acceptable.

Steelers Wine Girl said...

Courtney - OMG, too funny!! I've never seen man boobs created that way!

Shades - Glad you enjoyed :) I'm highly anti fuzzy boots of all kinds, even on a skinny model-type. I don't know who ever thought that was cute!

Andi - I'm anti PDA, too, but at the same time I can't stop watching when I see it. And these girls were right in front of me, so there was no way not to look. Like the book idea!! I've done that before too, but apparently this trip I was overcome by the fashion mishaps...

VP - It's a plan! We have to do it! I also don't have matchstick sized calves, although I have seen it look okay on others without teeny legs...I think it's more about knowing the right way to do it...I've seen way to many mistakes to think I know the right way!

clp said...

love it! and agree with all points made. even nine west. :)