Friday, December 5, 2008


Again, thanks to Shades...she is saving all of my friends from the e-mails they normally get whenever one of these is passed around!!

1) How do you like your grilled cheese?
With more than one type of cheese (preferably pepperjack and provolone) and tomatoes. Sometimes bacon, too.

2) Where did you go on your last vacation?
Key West, FL

3) Who are your godparents?
Um, I think my Uncle Rich (dad's brother) and Aunt Nancy (dad's sister)

4) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Teaching somewhere, possibly getting ready to move back to Pittsburgh or loving my life so much in my new locale that I never want to leave. I can also see myself teaching abroad.

5) Where are you at noon everyday?
I am never in the same place at noon every day. If it's a "normal" work day, I'm probably either in the cafeteria or already eating in our conference room. If I'm at a job fair - I'm at a job fair. I may also be in the car. On weekends, I could be anywhere - tailgating, reading in my bed, name it!

6) How many speeding tickets have you gotten?

7) When was the last time you swam?
Probably on a day we went on the boat....

8) What do you order at Subway?
Roast beef w/pepper jack cheese, toasted, w/pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and southwest sauce.

9) Do you keep your closets organized?
Absolutely not. My friend is dying to come over and organize mine - and I want to let her, but I need to pre-clean before that happens!

10) How do you make headaches go away?
Keep popping ibuprofen. When I get headaches, they normally last a week or more, and ibuprofen is the only thing that works on them, so I just keep taking them until it's finally gone.

11) Have you owned a beta before?
Yes. At my college, only freshmen live in dorms, after that you live in on-campus apartments and then townhouses. So my three roommates and I were so excited to have an apartment that we went to Wal-Mart and each bought a beta. I can't remember what we named them. But most of them were dead within a month. That first flushing was tough!! Eventually, all went to the great septic system in the sky. Then, our junior year, one of our friends gave us a plant with a beta in it (remember when that was the really popular gift??). Our neighbors got one too, and it was right after the South Park movie had come out, so we named one "clit" and the other one "orus." LOL. Bet that was way more than you thought you'd get from a question about beta, huh?

12) If you moved out of state where would you go?
What a relevant question to my life!! I would like to move south - South Carolina, Georgia, maybe Florida or New Orleans.

13) Did you attend pre school?

14) What do your shower curtains look like?
Different shades of gray with squares, I think. I don't really pay attention to it!

15) Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?
Not unless the New Kids on the Block count...I was convinced they'd come perform for me any day...

16) How do you make eggs?

17) Where do you wash your clothes?
In the washer.

18) Who are the neighbors who live to the right of you?
Joe, our landlord (if you're facing the back. No one lives on the right if you're facing the front).

19) What are your thoughts on Tom Cruise?
He's a whack-a-do.

20) What is the next vehicle you wish to buy?
Hmm...either a Pontiac G6 or a Saturn Vue....or a Nissan Rogue.

21) Do you pay bills online or by mail?
All online except for the gas bill - there's a charge to pay online, so I mail that one.

22) What would be the best gift someone could get you right now?
My student teaching assignment.

23) What is something stressful you will deal with next week?
Going to Indianapolis to observe a school for my thesis. Also turning in my portfolio project for my current class.

24) What is something in your home that you collect?
Books, Steelers stuff.

25) What did you do last night?
Had a meeting at a restaurant in the South Side, did a wee bit of shopping (there's a new Nine West store there!), went home to take a quick nap before going to see Frost Nixon downtown...and didn't wake up until my roommate got home until after 9. Oops!! Guess I was sleepier than I thought....I didn't really want to see the play, anyway (it came in the 6 pack we got for the Pittsburgh Broadway series).

26) Who did you last see?
My co-worker.

27) How do you take your coffee?
Splenda and creamer, preferably flavored.

28) What is the oldest thing in your fridge?
Who knows? Probably would be worse but my roommate cleans it out :)

29) On your keyboard what key is wearing out from pressing it so much?
S, N

30) Where do you put your keys when you come home?
On the counter or in my purse.

31) Where do you go for Thanksgiving?
Either my aunt's or my parents'. This year it was at my aunt's.

32) How old will you be in 2010?
30 (eek!).

33) What actor or actress would play you in a movie?
I have no idea...

34) How much cash is in your wallet?
A few singles...

35) Would you have a one night stand with your favorite movie star?
I probably wouldn't be able to handle it...I'd get flustered just talking to him.

36) What color is your phone?
Navy blue-ish.

37) If you were starving to death would you eat a pet?

38) Ever been to Alabama?

39) What kind of accent do you have?
NOT a Pittsburghese one, although I use many Pittsburghese words. I'd say just a Yankee accent.

40) What kind of alcoholic drinks are in your fridge right now?
In my fridge? Maybe a beer or two. Most of my alcohol is behind the bar.


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Vegas Princess said...

I have to do this one too and was going to do it today but since you beat me to it I think I will wait for another day. Space it out a bit. :)

Anonymous said...

It's way simpler to post these to the blog than forwarding them. ;)

Steelers Wine Girl said...

I had it on hold for a few days before I finally got back and finished it! LOL

I'm sure my friends appreciate the lack of e-mails!