Tuesday, February 3, 2009

World Champions

Obviously, I had to bring up the amazing Super Bowl win that the Steelers accomplished on Sunday. I mean, wow. What a game! I'm so proud of my team, I knew that they could do it. I'm mildly embarassed to say that I was in tears when the game ended. Gah. What a dork!

Two things make me sad about the Super Bowl:

1 - that I wasn't in Tampa to see it. If I was still at my job at the hospital, I would have been able to take Monday off and would have flown down and at least tailgated and enjoyed the atmosphere. Oh well, maybe next year - anyone know where the next game is going to be? Hopefully somewhere warm!!

2 - that I could't hear the parade downtown today. Again when I worked at the hospital and we won Super Bowl XL, I could hear the fans cheering from my office. And we logged on to my computer and watched the live coverage. Couldn't do that at school today, sigh. Oh well!

But these are truly minor details and I'm so thrilled for the guys on the team I can't even express it! I'm happy and sad to have my Sundays back. It will be great to have more time for lesson plans, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't sad to have to wait for happy tailgates. Especially since I probably won't be living in the 'Burgh next year.

On second thought, I won't miss looking like a marshmellow for every game. This pic is my dad zipping my sister's coat. That's right, she couldn't do it herself. Sheesh!


Vegas Princess said...

Hee hee, marshmellows. :)

I was thinking of you all day Sunday and then during the parade. Wondering if I might catch a glimpse of you in the crowd footage we had. Alas, no school off for their win, huh?

P.S. I think you should move to Vegas. :)

Courtney said...

Even though I'm not a Steeler's fan myself (dude, I'm from Seattle... how much CAN I love the Steelers?) I'm very happy for you that your team won. :)