Wednesday, February 11, 2009


First, my observation went great. My supervisor was fantastic and had really supportive comments. The funniest remark he had was that apparently I said "okay" 55 times during my lesson. 55 TIMES! Holy Cow. I guess it's better than "uh" or "like," right? My CT said that it was probably just the way I checked for "wait time" to make sure that the kids were on the same page as me. Heck, if that's the worst I did, I'll take it!!

I've been in the land of middle school kids for over a month now, and I've observed some fantastic trends. Here we go:

Trend #1: Rubber bands (in Pittsburgh we call them gumbands) wrapped around the bottoms of jeans. Not sure why this is popular, I think it looks bizarre, but I've seen many kids sporting it. Looks something like this:

I've only seen the girls sporting this trend. I want to know - doesn't it cut off their circulation?

Trend #2: Tying big winter scarves like bandanas. I started seeing it in school and have recently seen it a few other places too. Most of the girls wear plaid scarves and then match something else (shoes, pants, accessories) to one of the dominant colors. Here's a sample:

I actually don't have a problem with this trend. When you coordinate everything, it's a bit too matchy-matchy for me, but other than that, I'm all for anyone who can figure out the correct way to tie a scarf, let alone wear it effectively! LOL. I am clueless!

Trend #3: I already touch on this when I was at the airport in December. Boots over pants. However, this is the extreme version. Truly, when I was at the airport, I hadn't seen anything. Middle school girls go all out with the trend. And they will wear any boot. ANY boot.

Like these two pictures. When I see these boots on these young girls, it makes me remember the ugly, lonely boots that seem to be on clearance at Marshall's or TJ Maxx's for eons. You know what I'm talking about - the ones with tassles or sparkles or obnoxiously faux fur. Yup. Those would be the ones my kids adore. Heck, it's good to know that there is a market for this crap!

If you're wondering why I'm so dumbfounded by these ridiculous clothes, it's because I was a Catholic school girl. I had uniforms my entire life. Which explains why I was such a clueless dresser when I finally reached college! All I knew was plaid skirts and starched blouses. So it's really interesting to me to see how big a role fashion plays even for kids this young. It certainly passed me right by!


AirmanMom said...

swg...sounds like everything went well AND you are now updated on fashion! Fads are so funny to watch, don't you agree?
Thanks for this fun post!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on a good review! That's great! Based on what I hear from you and my DH, those observation people really nit-pick about the oddest things...

"gumbands". Never, ever heard them called that. I wonder if putting them around the pants legs is the new version of tight-rolling one's jeans...? If so, just learn how and quit being lazy, children!

What you said about the boots makes me want to beg, BEG them to wear leggings!

The scarf thing is cute.

Courtney said...

The scarfs are cute. The rubber bands? That's weird. In fact, that's REALLY weird.

Robin said...

so proud of your great review! you rock!

Steelers Wine Girl said...

AMM - I think fads are hilarious. I know I've sported a few!!

Shades - oops - gumband is a Pittsburgh word. I always forget that people outside of the area have no clue what I'm talking about. And yes, it is like tightrolling!

Courtney - That's what I thought! Way weird.

Rah - Thanks, friend!

Vegas Princess said...

Gumbands is a total Pittsburgh word. My roommate in college was from Pittsburgh and I had to get used to a completely different vocabulary living with her. :)

I can not STAND the whole fuzzy boots with mini skirts look. For some reason that fashion "statement" ticks me off. I mean, if it is cold enough for fuzzy boots, it is too cold for a miniskirt!

clp said...

i've never seen such nonsense as the rubber bands around the pants!!!! crazy!!! well, wait....i guess i used to peg and roll my jeans so, i should probably stop mocking. :)

Steelers Wine Girl said...

VP - I'm totally over the whole boot craze as well. It makes me never want to wear boots ever, just b/c my kids look so ridiculous most of the time!

CLP - LOL. I used to peg too...but at least we weren't cutting off our circulation!

jellybean said...

it sounds like you're doing great! the rubber band thing is wierd. but it gives me an idea b/c i have a bad habbit of cutting off the bottoms of all my pants or rolling up cuffs b/c i'm too lazy to wait for the perfect pants. most of the pants i try on in a reg. size fit good everywhere but the lenght. and petite sizes are just a tad bit to short -a very tiny tad bit but it bugs me - and don't really fit right in the thigh. so i just cut off or roll up, and if i roll up then like 1.3 of the bottom of my pants legs get wet if it's damp out b/c i still manage to walk on them.
the boots over pants, i like it. if i were younger i'd totally do it! with the right boots of course. not the funky ones. i kind of like the fur ones, but NOT with a skirt. but i'm pregnant and 27 and don't guess i could pull it off.not in a trendy fashion anyway.